Youth Concussion Resources


Sports Concussion Education Fund

The Sports Concussion Education Fund is interested in funding projects dedicated to preventing multiple concussions in youth athletics, and reducing the risk of the serious health problems that come with head injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that high school athletes who sustain a concussion are three times more likely to sustain a second concussion. Such cumulative head trauma can be devastating, and result in a number of health programs, including sleep disorders, memory loss and depression.

FACT SHEET: President Obama Applauds Commitments to Address Sports-Related Concussions in Young People

Sports are one of the best ways to keep our kids active and healthy, but young people make nearly 250,000 emergency room visits each year with sport or recreation-related brain injuries. As a sports fan and a parent with two young daughters, President Obama believes we need to do more to protect the health and safety of our kids. Today, the President will host the first-ever White House Healthy Kids & Safe Sports Concussion Summit to advance research on sports-related youth concussions and raise awareness of steps to prevent, identify and respond to concussions in young people.

California Interscholastic Federation

The CIF governs interscholastic athletics, promoting equity, quality, character and academic development. The CIF website provides detailed information about concussions for parents and coaches, including compliance under AB 25. For more information, please visit its website,

Brain Injury Association of California

The Brain Injury Association of California (BIACAL) is a non-profit membership organization providing information, resources, education, advocacy and support for those affected by brain injury. BIACAL and its administrative director, Paula Daoutis, served as a leading advocate for AB 25 and concussion legislation. For more information, please visit its website,

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide extensive information about concussions on their website. This includes toolkits and two free online courses – one for health care professionals and another for youth and high school sports coaches, parents, and athletes – that provide important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion. For more information, please visit its website,

California Athletic Trainers’ Association

The California Athletic Trainers’ Association (CATA) strives to improve the quality of health care for athletes, patients and clients and enhance the profession of Athletic Training, through leadership, education, and cooperative efforts with other organizations and allied health professions. For more information about athletic safety, please visit its website,

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